Certification FAQ's

What is the purpose of the Faith Formation Leadership Academy?

Equipping faith formation leaders in United Methodist Churches as they guide and support Christ’s disciples in the work of loving God and loving neighbor. 

Why pursue certification?

Certification provides intentional space for learning, networking, and support as you grow in your call as a leader in faith formation ministry.

Overview of certification:

  • 3 years (or more, depending on your pace)
  • 12 synchronous and asynchronous courses (4 courses are offered per year)
  • Annual spiritual renewal retreat
  • Monthly cohorts
  • Final ministry project
  • Cost: $550/year ($1,500 for entire certification if paid up front)

How long does certification take? 

Designed to be completed in 3 years, the Faith formation certification can be completed in 3 or more years depending on an individual’s timeline. 

What are the requirements for certification? 

  • Completion of 12 courses (6 foundational courses and 6 electives)
  • Attendance at one 24 hour spiritual renewal retreat (or equivalent approved experience) every year
  • Active participation in monthly cohort conversations
  • A final ministry project relatable to current ministry context and goals

What are the foundational courses?

  • Human and Faith Development
  • Ministry Planning and Administration
  • Teaching the Bible
  • Teaching UMC Theology and Doctrine
  • Teaching United Methodist History and Polity
  • History and Theory of Christian Education

I have more questions that are not answered here. Who can I contact for more information?

Rev. Dr. Tanya Campen or Rev. Jessica Petersen

Rio Texas Conference office: (210) 408-4500

Celebrating our 2024 Graduates


2024 courses:

Winter (January/February 2024) courses:

Foundations: Ministry Planning and Administration

Foundations: Teaching UMC Theology and Doctrine (asynchronous)

Spring (April/May 2024) courses:

Elective: Faith at Home

Elective: Volunteer Ministry

Summer (August/September 2024) course:

Foundations: Teaching UMC History and Polity (asynchronous)

Fall (October/November 2024) course:

Foundations: Human and Faith Development